Free JavaScript Tutorial - A Course for Beginners

Learn Foundations of JavaScript through a course of 10 Easy Lessons

Table of Contents

Tutorial Contents #

This is a free course/tutorial for learning JavaScript through easy lessons. Each lesson will identify once concept of JavaScript and teach it using live code, examples, and experiments. No login or subscription required. Just click on each lesson and start learning!

Lesson 1: Introduction to JavaScript #

  • Overview of JavaScript and its role in web development
  • Writing and executing simple JavaScript statements

Lesson 2: Variables and Data Types #

  • Understanding variables and their declaration
  • Exploring different data types (string, number, boolean)
  • Basic variable operations and string concatenation

Lesson 3: Control Flow #

  • Introduction to conditional statements (if, else if, else)
  • Using logical operators
  • Writing and understanding loops (for, while)

Lesson 4: Functions #

  • Defining and calling functions
  • Parameters and return values
  • Scope and the difference between global and local variables

Lesson 5: Objects #

  • Understanding objects and their properties
  • Creating and manipulating objects
  • Using methods within objects

Lesson 6: Arrays - Part A, Part B #

  • Introduction to arrays and their declaration
  • Accessing and modifying array elements
  • Iterating through arrays using loops

Lesson 7: DOM Manipulation #

  • Overview of the Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Selecting and modifying HTML elements with JavaScript
  • Handling user events (click, input)

Lesson 8: Events and Event Handling #

  • Introduction to event listeners
  • Responding to different events (click, keypress, etc.)
  • Practical examples of event handling

Lesson 9: Error Handling and Asynchronous JavaScript #

  • Using try…catch for error handling
  • Understanding asynchronous programming

Lesson 10: Scripts, Modules and APIS #

  • Load external scripts and modules
  • Fetch external data using APIs

Bonus Lesson: Putting it All Together #

  • Applying the knowledge gained to a small project
  • Build a crypt-currency plotter using user input, an API, and Plotly library