Scribble-Pad @ IIT-B - JS Hackathon

Hackathon for JavaScript using Scribbler

Table of Contents

Scribble-Pad #

Dates: 13-Jan-2023 to 21-Jan-2023 #

πŸš€ Welcome to the JavaScript Innovation Challenge! 🌐 #

Embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of JavaScript innovation where coding prowess, creativity, and collaboration converge in an immersive hackathon experience! From aspiring developers to seasoned tech enthusiasts, join us for an exciting 9-day adventure packed with innovation, problem-solving, and cutting-edge projects. Unleash your coding genius, explore the endless possibilities of JavaScript frameworks and libraries, and push the boundaries of web development using Scribbler. Get ready to ideate, collaborate, and code your way to victory in an electrifying celebration of innovation and technological brilliance!

Agenda #

Day 1: Launch and Team Formation #

Launch Workshop (Day 1 - Afternon) Opening ceremony: Hackathon overview, training on Scribbler tool, idea suggestions. Team Formation (Day 1 - Afternoon) Participants register, form teams, or find collaborators.

Days 2-3: Project Planning #

Teams learning freatures of Scribbler and work on project planning, defining goals, and creating project roadmaps. Online workshops or QnA sessions on Scribbler, JavaScript concepts, frameworks, or tools.

Days 4-8: Coding and Development (Days 4-8) #

Teams start coding and developing their projects. Virtual office hours for mentors to provide guidance and assistance to teams. Regular check-ins and progress updates.

Day 9: Submission and Presentations #

Submission Deadline (Day 9 - Noon) Submission deadline for project uploads or repositories. Project Presentations (Day 9 - Afternoon) Teams present their projects virtually to judges and participants. Q&A sessions and feedback from judges. Judging and Awards (Day 9 - Evening) Judges evaluate projects based on set criteria. Award ceremony to announce winners and distribute prizes. Closing and Networking (Day 9 - Late Evening) Closing remarks, thank-you messages, and reflections on the hackathon. Networking session: Participants, mentors, and judges engage in virtual networking, discussions, and exchanging contacts.

Suggested Themes #

  • Machine Learning
  • Generative AI Applications
  • Decentralization and Crypto
  • Scientific Computing
  • Dashboarding
  • AR/VR, Image processing
  • Audio processing

Pre-requisites #

  • Understanding of basics of JavaScript
  • Experience in using GitHub
  • Some basic know-how of HTML and CSS is an added advantage
  • Ability to work in small teams to develop code quickly
  • Creativity and skill to innovate
  • Go through Scribbler,Docs, toturials, and the gallery.
  • Join the hackathon discord channel:

Apply #